Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association has been a Non-Profit Organization since 1962. Our first Convention and Tradeshow was in 1922.

Our Accomplishments
The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association is a strong organization with over 150 members. Its membership includes a majority of Saskatchewan's commercial beekeepers as well as an equal number of hobby beekeepers. Saskatchewan beekeepers are an innovative and progressive group, proud of their accomplishments... (read the full article)

Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission

The Saskatchewan Beekeepers Development Commission's role is to administer the Beekeepers Development Plan. The purpose of the Beekeepers Plan is to develop the bee and bee products industry in Saskatchewan. (Read the full article).

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Importation of Bees in Saskatchewan

Important Notice:
The SBA Board is concerned about the negative impact of bees on comb approved for import into Saskatchewan. Please direct your concerns regarding the importation of bees on comb to the Honourable Lyle Stewart, or our Provincial Specialist in apiculture Geoff Wilson